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Wicca Magazine is a digital magazine about the Wiccan way of life and its magical history. Each issue covers a wide range of subjects related to the craft and its practices for Wiccans living in the modern world .
    Whats Included In This Months Issue:
    • Witchy Ways to Celebrate Ostara 
    • Gods and Goddesses of Ostara
    • Embrace the Energy of Ostara
    • Ritual to invoke the Energy of the Goddess, Ostara
    • Why we Celebrate the Energy of the Egg
    • How to Perform an Egg Cleansing
    • Ostara Crystals
    • Crystal Grid for Ostara
    • Ostara Decorations
    • Creating an Ostara Door Wreath for Good Fortune
    • Spring Equinox Around the World
    • A Worldwide Ostara Blessing Of The Home
    • The Hare Goddess Wenet
    • The History of the Hare and Good Fortune
    • Creating Your Own Origami Hare for your Altar
    • Planting with the Past in Mind
    • A Spell to Connect with Mother Gaia and your Ancestors.
    • Talking With The Trees
    • A Blessing for the Trees
    • Planting Within and Without
    • Bubble Ritual To Let Go All That Does Not Serve You
    • Flowers and Their Energies
    • Homemade Ostara Paper For Your Book of Shadows.
    • The Cost of Spiritual Community
    • Getting the Coven Ready for Ostara
    • The Coven’s Ritual for Ostara - the Feast of Spring
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